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Medical Mission Projects

We are currently working on a project in collaboration with philantrophic minded medical doctors, medical specialists and other healthcare professionals in the Philippines. The Philippine contingent of this project is headed by Dr. BMBT, a practicing general surgeon in the Philippines.

Come December of 2018, we will be holding free clinics, educational seminars, provide free outpatient services and minor surgical care services to indigenous regions in the outskirts of Metro Manila.

It is a known fact that the Philippines has a growing population of aging citizens and ailing individuals who do not have access to beneficial Physical Therapy and other Physical Medicine (Occupational and Speech Therapy) services to adapt to debilitating and disabling impairments from common musculoskeletal and neuromuscular diseases. This residual impairments may be from strokes, diabetes, arthritic conditions, chronic pain syndromes and others. 

Most often, the simplest provision of teaching and education regarding healthy habits, good posture, fall prevention and simple task adaptations will greatly impact the individual's functional independence and quality of life.

The program will include assessment of these individuals for helpful assistive devices including canes, walkers or wheelchairs measured and fitted appropriately. Also helpful is the assessment and fitting of appropriate braces or other joint support devices that can enhance walking and mobility to facilitate functional independence.


Education can make a huge impact when it empowers an ailing individual to be able to understand his condition better and initiate self-directed symptom control strategies, movement strategies and a patient-specific exercise prescription by a Physical Therapist to ensure functional maintenance.

The project will include Free Balance Risk Assessments, Home Evaluation Assessments for a sound Fall Prevention Program. Falls are a common cause of death in seniors over the age of 65 and is a major medical expense in the healthcare industry worldwide.

The program will train local Physical Therapists and other relevant health care personnel at the community level in implementing the Prime Movers Tai Chi Based Exercise Program for Fall Prevention and Balance Enhancement designed by Lovena, a US based physical therapist. This will ensure continuation of the program with regular reassessments to monitor efficacy and will serve as the pilot program that will be adapted in other regions with the support of local concerned philantrophic and non-political groups.This program was implemented in 2004 at the Palm Bay Community Center in Palm Bay, Florida and is still running until today and has helped many residents in the community including seasonal residents (snowbirds).







What is unique about this project is that it will include a Physical Therapy oriented outreach program where a US trained physical therapist will hold free consultations, evaluations and treatments to local indigent residents needing rehab medicine care. The program will involve training local Physical Therapists and other health care personnel via educational seminars and hands -on teaching to be able to provide follow up services, monitoring and program implementation of prescribed physical rehab programs to these local patients.

This is our commitment to making an impact in these indigenous communities, promote awareness and later, facilitate involvement of other financially capable individuals and organizations to partake and initiate similar projects in their local communities.

There has been an extensive and significant change in the Philippine government lately that were deemed impossible before. These are not limited to free college education for poor but deserving students, free hospitalizations for indigent families, improvement of medical facilities, infrastructure projects and modernization of transportation systems. This is just our way of giving back and making a difference.

After all, life is too short and the chance to make an impact is fleeting. Our goal is to set an example, leave a legacy for the next generation and plant that seed no matter how miniscule our efforts might be. 

The wheels are turning in making this project possible and is being actively organized. We are now working on gathering medical, healthcare, rehab/physical therapy supplies that will be shipped in the next few months for this project. It will soon be expanded to other regions in the Philippines. It has already caught the attention of big supporters of humanitarian causes here in the USA, Canada and Australia.Updates about this program will be posted here.

Thank you, my community for supporting me in this effort! I do not seek aggrandizement. I just strongly feel that this world is not just about me. I too,  in a flicker of a spark called life, shall pass. My collaborators in this project are just as down to earth and selfless in their passion to make this happen. It is truly a blessing and privilege to have met them. I am but one small voice, but I thank all of you, the power of many who rally behind me! 

Much love! <3 <3 <3

***I would like to hear from you if you have had any experience about projects and programs similar to this and suggestions, thoughts or ideas. We welcome sponsors to this project whether as individuals, private companies or businesses. We appreciate and look forward to any support to make this project happen.

Again, our heartfelt thanks!

Lovena Suson, P.T.***